Friday, December 04, 2015

Athens vs Jerusalem follow-up comment

I have said for years that we make a mistake in following Greek culture and thought. I also think Aquinas made a HUGE error by trying to syntheize Greek Philosophy and Judeo-Christian philosophy. It is like oil and water, opposites that cannot be mixed. I have also told my management students that, regardless of what the Greeks said, we cannot compartmentalize our lives, what affects one part affects all parts. Using Clinton as an example as President he could not separate his sexual affairs from his actions as president. His affairs said who he truly was inside and how he would act generally speaking. many, many people disagreed with me.

Another problem is seeing Athens as the first true democracy, it was not. It was a democracy for the wealthy and powerful. It was not necessarily for the poor or weak. A person could rise through the ranks but it was through an ability to play politics and be ruthless, not through morality, caring for others, etc.

As the article points out, there is a great difference between the two philosophies, Judaic-Christian and Greek. (The Roman philosophy was essentially Greek, especially Spartan). The one is God based and driven, the other is Satan based and driven. The Greek philosophy followers would deny this but it is in Satan's interest to have people deny, and truly believe, he exists.

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